DAUniversity for Agencies

If you are an agency offering services to local business but are struggling to get a steady flow of prospects then DA University can help you!  Most agencies owners and staff hate selling and that is exactly why created the an automated lead generation machine so you get qualified prospects on autopilot pre-sold on your services.  The result you get to speak with highly targeted prospects that are ready to purchase your services.  No sales required.  Just follow our proven automated system to bring you 2-5 prequalified leads per day. 

All the training in the world does nothing for your business unless it is excellent.   Our training is the best according to our happy customers.  Not only can you rest assured that the method we teach are proven but the manner in which we teach them are specifically designed for busy working adults who don't have time for long drawn out lectures.  Instead, we teach only what works in a manner that is easy to understand and better yet easy to implement so you can see FAST results. 

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