C.A.M. Customer Acquisition Machine

Download The Exact Website Template That Delivers On Autopilot 20+ New Pre-Sold & Pre-Qualified Offline Clients To My Digital Agency Every Month Using Organic Facebook Traffic.

Organic FB Traffic => C.A.M. => 20 min. video => online application => schedule call => clients

Complete Transparency: The REAL Reason I Am Giving $997 Course For $0 Upfront.

  • The entire customer acquisition machine website is built on ClickFunnels.
  • This allows drag and drop copying of every critical aspect of the site: collect emails, video, application, scheduling and MORE..
  • There are MANY other uses for ClickFunnels than just this site which I will teach you inside the course.
  • I get an affiliate commission when you subscribe to ClickFunnels. Get FREE 14 day trial with my affiliate link.
  • Continue access to customer acquisition training with your ongoing ClickFunnels account.

Price returns to $997 when timer reaches 0:00

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Copy And Paste My Exact Site

  • Easily duplicate my site; copy word-for-word and just add: your name, niche, and your photo.
  • Never made a site before? Complete newbie? No problems. Step-by-step how-to videos designed for complete beginners PLUS [email protected] to assist you.
  • How to easily take professional qualify photos of yourself using your phone camera.
  • How to select the RIGHT domain and where to host it for the complete newbie.
  • NEVER be alone with highly trained staff ready to assist you [email protected]

Copy My Exact Website Video Word-for-Word

  • 6 Short how-to videos plus [email protected] to assist.
  • Download presentation from Google docs (easy) and get a video copy of my presentation.
  • Copy word for word, just change the niche, name. (super easy)
  • Step-by-step how-to recording using free screen recording programs and your computer mic.
  • 100% automated video sales machine that pre-sells & pre-qualifies prospects.
  • NOTE: You NEVER have to get behind the camera!!! Record slides and your voice.

Get My Exact Online Application Questionnaire

  • 4 short how-to videos plus [email protected] so you are never alone.
  • Copy word-for-word my proven application questions
  • Pre-qualifies prospects so you only work with the BEST clients.
  • 100% automated process.
  • Prospects will find themselves wanting and hoping they can qualify to work with you.

Price returns to $997 when timer reaches 0:00

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Copy My Exact Online Scheduler System

  • 3 short how-to videos plus [email protected] so you are never alone.
  • Customize the days and times you want to interview prospects.
  • Auto-email reminders 6 hours before and 15 minutes before meeting time. (customizable)
  • SMS text message reminders 1 hour and 5 minutes before meeting time. (customizable)

I Will Teach You My Organic Facebook FREE Traffic Method

  • Step-by-step how to get prospects in your specific niche to come visit your site.
  • Learn my #1 method for getting free traffic to my site using free organic Facebook strategies.
  • This is NOT spamming or against the terms of Facebook.
  • Takes about 30 minutes per day, five days per week.
  • Works for ALL offline niches.
  • I get 20+ clients per month using this organic free method.

Get My 8 Week Auto Email Swipe File

  • 3 short how-to videos to set-up email auto responder PLUS [email protected]
  • Get my 8 week auto-email swipe file.
  • Why you need auto email sequence? Maintain top of mind awareness for prospects and customers
  • 19% of my email list eventually becomes a client for my Digital Agency.

Price returns to $997 when timer reaches 0:00

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Questions & Answers

Will this method work for all offline niches? +

YES! This method will work for ALL offline niches! Sorry, it will NOT work for NON-offline niches like coaching clients, weight loss, Shopify, E-com.  BUT it works GREAT for any offline niches. Here is short list of examples (there are MANY more):

Divorce Lawyers
Personal Injury
Estate Planning
Business Formation

Home Inspectors
Home Appraisers
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Investors
Foreclosure/Short Sale

Disc Jockeys
Personal Chefs

Cosmetic Surgery
Personal Trainers
Weight loss specialists
Massage Therapists



Who is this website and training for? +

For anyone that needs a proven method to get more clients to their offline digital agency without cold calling.

Do you offer a guarantee? +

YES! There is a 14-day free trial with ClickFunnels.  NOTE: once you cancel your CF subscription, you will lose access to the CAM training.

Do I have to have a ClickFunnels subscription to get access to the course? +

YES. ClickFunnels account is required to get access to the $997 training at zero cost to you.  CF has thousands of 2 Comma Club members... there is a reason because it is an amazing website and funnel builder.

In the training, I continue to teach how I use CF in my Digital Agency to get customers AND many, many, many other methods.   Bottom line, I could not run my clients' campaigns or get new customers without ClickFunnels and all the amazing tools.

ClickFunnels is a requirement in my business and I believe it should be for ALL Offline Digital Agency Owners.

Recall that there is 14-day free trial with my affiliate link.  I have seen small-minded misguided people spend 40-60 hours trying to figure out how to take my website template, auto-email responder, video, application, and online scheduler and try to duplicate on a free WordPress site.  LOOK>>> saving money is the WRONG mindset here... it's like changing your own oil in your car to save money yet it takes you 3 hours every month to do it yourself.  OR.. not hiring an employee thinking you're saving money!! YOU'RE NOT saving money... nobody ever made it by saving money. CF is a critical tool needed for Offline Digital Agency..

What if I already have a ClickFunnels account? +

Congrats on having a CF account!  You made a smart investment and I will teach you how to leverage your existing CF account to get more customer plus much more!  After the 14-day trial, you will be charged $14.99/mo for continued access to the training.  Cancel anytime.  Come on, you got 14 days to test drive my $997 course...

Is this free to existing kallzu members? +

The cost of the course is normally $997. As a kallzu member, you get access for zero upfront costs.. as long as you get ClickFunnels account thru my affiliate link.  You get a 14-day free trial so you have nothing to lose.

Who does not need a method to get more clients without cold calling?

What is the difference between kallzu ads and CAM? +

Kallzu ads training teaches you how to select a niche, create a Google Adwords Call Only campaign, in other words it is the BEST call only training on the planet:)


CAM is a website that is designed create 5-40 NEW customer per month for your Digital Agency.  It could be a Call Only agency, SEO, or any offline digital agency where you need MORE customers in any niche.  This website and training will teach you how to get MORE clients without cold calling.   Without a predictable system to get clients you do not have a business.

Price returns to $997 when timer reaches 0:00

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Founder of Kallzu

Chris Winters is the founder of kallzu pay-per-call software, kallzu SEO, kallzu ads, kallzu ecom and soon kallzu fb local.  Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of team kallzu, a well-trained staff and coaches dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Chris prides himself in offering training courses that get REAL results for members because at kallzu, we actually do what we teach.  Feel free to contact Chris@dauniversity.com with any questions or concerns. 


My Guarantee To You

"Reputation is more valuable than money."  With this type of training, it requires a certain amount of trust between you and I.  I realize that it takes time and effort on your part to implement the training.  That is exactly why I want to over deliver for you.  My brand is my mark in this world.  I guard it with my life.  Your satisfaction is my #1 goal. If for any reason you are unhappy with the value being taught, please contact my team [email protected]


Chris Winters