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High Converting Webinar For ANY List Type or Size! Watch the SHORT Video Below To Discover Why JV's and Customers Refer Our Training To Their Friends & Family.

Why this webinar converts at 16% to 18% for Any Type of Audience:.

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    Brand New, Fresh Content

    We constantly tweak, test and optimize this webinar to ensure maximum attendance, engagement and conversion.

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    A Name Your Audience Trusts

    Chris Winters' story of transformation is sure to inspire, along with his solid reputation in the lead generation and local business consulting space. He is one of most trusted names in the Internet Marketing world.

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    Simple, Newbie-Proof Strategies -

    We designed this system to be a complete A to Z, connect-the-dots blueprint for every level of entrepreneur from 100% new marketer to top-level expert.

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    Works Great With Cold Traffic

    From business opportunity to agency owners. We've been tweaking, testing, optimizing every step to ensure maximum conversions. All you have to do is send the traffic.

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    Ironclad Performance Guarantee

    We do not offer refunds on our products and training and we work with customers to help them get success. This means you get to keep MORE of your commissions.

Watch 10 minute overview of webinar (below).

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  • 50% Commission on $997 and 42% on $1597 Products

  • 16% to 18% Average Webinar Conversion

  • Works With Almost Any List / Audience Type

  • Customers Love The Product & Ease of Implementation

  • 70% Payout 48 Hours After Cart Closes

  • One of the Industry's Most Acclaimed Customer Support

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Follow Our Proven Webinar Strategies for MAXIMUM Profits!

Use our proven 2 live webinars followed by 3 days of strategic replays.

Any two days of the week, separated by 1 day

Suggested times from 11am to 7pm EST.

Example: For example, Webinar 1 on Tuesday 2pm EST and Encore presentation on Thursday 7pm EST.

All our webinar sessions have LIVE CHAT managed by our staff because most sales are made in the chat.

Use our high converting GTW and email swipe.

Follow our proven email pre & post webinar email sequence with accompanying images to maximize sales.

Send them to our video webinar sign up page for highest sign up and attendance.

Use our advance GotoWebinar strategies to maximize sales. We can use our GTW account or yours.

We can host the webinar or you can. We respect that you know what's best for your list so we are open to your input.


We will use our PROVEN retargeting/remarketing Strategies to maximize YOUR sales.

We have mapped out every point of contact with your customers and if they don't do the desired action we re-market to them.

  • Retarget email list that did not open your emails
  • Retarget those that did not click on on webinar sign up page link and register for the webinar.
  • Retarget those that signed up for the webinar but did not show and/or buy.
  • Retarget those that watched replay but did not buy.

A good retargeting campaign can increase sales by + 20%


How You Get Paid!

Joanne Bosch will assist you to get affiliate link thru Thrivecart.

Payment is 50% of the one-time $997 or 42% of the $1597 sale.

First payout of 70% goes out via bank wire 48 hours after the replay cart closes.

Payment for the remaining 30% are made no less than 30 days after the cart closes, on the 3rd-5th and 18th-20th of every month according to guidelines below.

NOTE: We are proactive in our payouts by letting you know in advance when payment is going to be sent and the day it gets sent. We always keep you informed of all future payments.

For example if a replay ends on March 7th, then we wire 70% on March 9th. Next payment is paid April 18th-20th.

For sales 10 or less, we pay commissions after 30 days.  For example if you make 3 sales, those sales will be paid on the 3rd or 18th of the month, no less than 30 days after the cart closes.


We need the following banking information:

Name on Bank account exactly as it reads on your statements. (this could be your full name or business name depending on type of bank account you have).

Home or business full address need to match address your bank has on file.


Name of Bank
Country and city of your Bank.
Account number and/or BIC

Paypal payments for payouts less then $500 USD.

Again, we are proactive so we always contact you before payment is due with amount and if we are going to wire or we need Paypal invoice from you. 

Contact Us So We Can Add Massive Value To Your List While Filling Up Your Bank Account!

JV Success Manager

Joanne will ensure that your promotion runs smoothly. She is your go-to person for scheduling, email swipe, process access, custom registration page, replays, and prompt commission payments.  Contact her via Skype ID  jfyadbh to get started today.

JV Facebook & Youtube Traffice Manager

Aby is in charge of maximizing sales by utilizing Facebook & Youtube ads.  With traditional email marketing only 15% of your list will open your emails.  What about the 85% that did not open your emails?   Aby will assist you in targeting your list with a proven FB & YT marketing and retargeting plan.  His Skype ID aby2maria  NOTE: contact Joanne first and she will create a Skype group for all. 

Founder of Kallzu

Chris Winters is the founder of kallzu pay-per-call software, kallzu SEO, kallzu ads, kallzu ecom and most recently, Digital Agency University.  Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of team kallzu / DAU, a well-trained staff and coaches dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Chris prides himself in offering training courses that get REAL results for members.

Feel free to contact Chris his Skype ID cwintersg  Please note: Joanne is in charge of the entire JV promotion including selecting promotions to market to the kallzu / DAU community.  Also, when you contact Joanne she will create a Skype group that will include Chris Winters and the entire JV promotions team.